Time to relax, unwind and unplug. Yep, it’s vacation time. I’m still debating whether or not to do any blogging but to be honest I feel like I’ve been running a race lately and need a break.  So, we will have to wait and see if I go bonkers after a few days.. but for now it looks like two weeks of summer sinning.


In my closet In my closet

Finally, I have a space to dump, I mean store, my work bag at the end of the day. I no longer chug that heavy badboy up two flights of stairs. This spot makes me so happy. Not just because everything I need to get out the door is in one spot, but because this is one pretty smoking little corner with my current favourite holding everything but the desk..

Similar and in sale? Got it!

It all starts in the kitchen It all starts in the kitchen It all starts in the kitchen

I was doing my usual Saturday cleaning, when I realized I haven't gotten around to showing anything of the new home. Might as well get a few snaps off before the usual array of cups and mugs invade the counters..

Despite nothing actually being donem I'm really loving the peninsula. The wood on the stools and the imperfectly round cups are the perfect starting point for our kitchen.

You've got mail... You've got mail

As you've probably noticed, posts are few and far between as well as shorter. Mea culpa. In my defense all I can say is that I underestimated the effort needed to move house. At the moment any free space in my head, much less in my day, is split between going on holiday next week and getting our home shipshape.

Every space has a various assortment of things still needing to be hung, placed or stored. The outdoor space is no exception. Add to that the need to finish it off with some much needed detailing. I have been searching for a mailbox that is minimal and stylish and so not stainless steel, which is the norm for 'modern' here in the Netherlands. An Etsy search finally shed some light on the matter. Steel, walnut and accoya, yes please!

Summer up Summer up Summer up Summer up

My most used glasses and my phone (extension of the arm). You've seen my OTT rose gold phone case and more recently my rebooted specs. While I love my specs, I feel like lightening it up. Time to pull out this fun and flirtier pair. And when my phone case finally gave up the ghost, I replaced it with another from Felony case. This time a smoked matte marble version with the softest, velvet-like touch ever!

Sunday mornings Sunday Mornings

Quiet. Just me and a cup of coffee. Little puffs of flowers from the garden, birds on the lawn and sunshine. What could be better on a Sunday morning? 


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