Mirrored details

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designedlifeblog.blogspot.com reine mere bolet wooden peg

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest and smallest of them all?


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This schedule is a bit different. Can you guess...? I always use my own pictures but these babies were too tiny for a post but to fun and cheeky to pass up.

Yogini style

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I write about running and figured it time to write a post about the other side of the coin; power yoga. What’s power yoga? To me it’s taking the calming effect and unity of mind, body and soul that is what you think of when you hear yoga and amping it up.


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Who has not seen and loved the City of Champions print from Playtype? I actually have a print from that collection that will probably pop up here some time soon. But what I want to show you is their latest work; the shy prints.

The dirty little secret..the laundry room after

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designedlifeblog.blogspot.com laundry redo

This space was relatively neat till Christmas but when my collection of Christmas decorations moved in followed by a massive editing of my wardrobe I gave up on organisation and neatness. Stepping over multiple things to get to the washer and ironing without the board (machete needed to make it to the back wall) became the norm.