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I have so many ideas bubbling in my head, that sometimes I get side-tracked and it never makes it from idea to post. On the flipside I also often start on a post, need to finish off a detail and miss my intended timeline. This week’s posts are all in those categories;

Dutch Skies @ Textiel museum

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To be honest when the Textile Museum ended up being the work-outing activity I got slotted into I was a bit bummed. Fuddy duddy and boring came to mind despite the knitting hype.

March wished

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Last week I shared my spring wardrobe based on the pieces in my wardrobe. Here are the pieces I’m wishing would secretly appear in there as well.

March looked

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I shared a few of my February outfits, saw lots of comfortable and was interested in seeing if jeans and flats are the norm and decided to take a look at some of my favourite looks.

Hats off; bedroom storage vignette

Leave a Comment hats off bedroom storage vignette

Love my space, love my gear, so what do you do when your gear is squished in your space? You make the storage better of course!