I have an obsession with vases. My collection has taken over both the linen closet and the office. Most of the collection is ceramics, especially in white, because a girl can never have enough white ceramic vases.. And then I saw an image for the Lolo vase from By Lassen and I knew I needed to make the switch to lacquered metal. I originally saw and wanted it in black, so don't worry because it's equally as good in either colour. The inner grid even helps to bring out the inner Ikebana goddess in the most black thumbed of flower arrangers. And luckily it is just in time for spring!

Autumn light

Fall, is for some a moment of despair at the passing of summer. Me? I'm giddy with delight at the prospect of darker days, knits, blankets and candles. I'm in love with the Fem holder from Onshus. I see this with burnt colours for fall all the way through to Christmas..which I am already counting down to. Finally a candelabra that is large enough to make an impact on our ginormous dining table without looking like a Viking table setting. Can you say finally found the light?. Pun intended!


Sharing is caring. I'm not sure if I ever really subscribed to that idea or if I was just caught up in the hype. When I discovered Instagram, I loved it for but yet haven't opened it in almost two years. Fake, materialistic and constantly wanting to one up left me exhausted. Facebook, I still check regularly and I finally saw some real use come of it in the wake of hurricane Irma. But on a whole I secretly long to deactivate it, save the cute memory pictures that pop up of the kids. I don't share those because face it, we all have our own cute little memories and that's just it,.. it is my cute and that's not necessarily yours. I feel like it's a looking glass with the depth of a puddle.

The real reason for not blogging these past months, is the lack of connection. Look at me, look at me, look at this little part of me, is not me. It's not authentic. Seeing small, minute details of someone's life is not the same as knowing them or valuing them or even understanding them. Connection and understanding are my love and lust. To get to that requires depth.That seems the hardest to find, when everyone seems to want publicity instead of caring, followers instead of friends, lackeys instead of siblings, personal assistants instead of parenting partners.

To reach depths, you have to be willing to go there yourself. You have to find yourself searching for the other's meaning. I haven't been able to, because I haven't wanted to. Hard decisions and, to some, even the really important ones, hard actions and sharp lines drawn in the dirt. Because it means at least for a time, completely separating from all the ballast. Social media, snapshots, edited posts, acquaintances, polite chitchat do more than tire me. It saps the life out of me. All the casual sharing leaves me buzzed and exhausted and I can't find my depth, much less yours.

I feel like I'm wasting time, drowning in the shallows, while yearning for depth.Worrying if I should accept that friend request from that person I have no clue of, trying to smile and be friendly with or avoid the moms who seem to flock to the midday school-close like a social gathering but who can never remember your name, trying to muster the interest in attending the next work reception, fretting if I need to make more posts whether I feel like sharing or not, agonising over explaining me for the umpteenth time to people with hidden agenda's and no matching depth. Sharing everything from the smallest detail to the deepest thought. Sharing is fatiguing. To the point, where I'm not sure what to share or even if I want to share..

Mummy tummy

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Nineteen weeks and counting. Almost half way! After my first two I thought what poppycock when people said "oh, you'll forget everything from a pink cloud". Guess what? I did. How did I forget the nausea, fatigue, pimpled-riddled skin, indigestion and the bloody joint pain?

If I get one more "gosh, you're big" or ''showing early, ehh", I might unleash the full wrath of the emotional train-wreck that I morphed into. Nope, no kidding, it's puppies and sunshine or I'm frazzled mess. I just want a steak for the love of god and a nap somewhere besides a cushion prop mountain on the sofa. Clothes that don't cost a fortune or look like a muumuu. The insult to the injury was my guy's response to my new only slightly more comfortable choice in undergarments.. "are they comfortable?", followed by "are they supportive?".

Waiting for the the it's totally worth it speech? Sorry, going to have to wait it out because despite being worth it, I'm not liking it. Yes pregnancy, I see you and I dislike you. End of story.

P.S. this blog has been brought to you by a preggo in need of a rant. 😬

Wood and stone kitchenware wood and stone kitchenware wood and stone kitchenware wood and stone kitchenware

How did it go from summer to fall so quickly? I felt like it barely arrived much less settled in. Anyhoo, I'm really excited about the fall. We find out the baby's sex next week (and no we will not be sharing) and we are dead busy making plans for the future. But some of the things I am looking forward to the most are the little things. Lighting the fire again, pulling out the cushions and blankets, making everything warm and cosy and just enjoying mealtime. I'm in love with this autumn Food & Friends collection from H&M. The plates, that remind so much of Menu's New Norm are on my list, as well as the gorgeous earth-tone pitcher and ebony board

Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze

Sunday was birthday celebration time and that means baking because I just can't do store-bought for the ones I love. Of course it was frosted chocolate as my guys are true chocoholics. We still needed something for the not-so chocolate lovers and so we went for a super moist, lightly carroty cake, because I can't abide raisins and walnuts in carrot cake. It was totally the girls favorite...

2 3/4 cups patent flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
400 grams grated carrots
1 1/2 fine white sugar
3 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
1 tablespoon vanilla powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
100 grams white chocolate, in pieces
3 tablespoons butter
splash of heavy cream
powdered sugar
roasted almonds pieces

Preheat oven to 180°C. Butter and flour pan with powdered sugar. Combine flour, baking powder, carrots, sugar, eggs, oil ( I used soy), vanilla, cinnamon and salt in a mixer and pulse until incorporated. Pour into pan bake for an hour or until risen and firm to the touch. While cooling, make the glaze. Melt the butter and chocolate in the microwave. Add powdered sugar to taste and enough cream until thick but pourable. Skewer the top and sides of the cake and our pour over the glaze while still warm. Sprinkle over the almonds. Cut, drizzle slices with remaining glaze and serve.


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