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We love Easter! The egg search is paramount for the kids. So much so that they don't even realise that last year's haul is part of this year's decor. It's spring, the grass is green and the blossom trees have showered. So of course it's got to be a colour explosion on our Easter table with loads of flowers and chocolates..lots of chocolate! 


Way back when I blogged my excitement about the Ellum solar light from Feltmark. I completely forgot about them till I received my order a couple of weeks ago! They are as beautiful as their pictures. The magnet for attaching them are also surprisingly strong. All in all I really like these. The only problem? We've since moved and no longer need additional lighting in the hallway. So now I think these would be perfect for highlighting some art. Because they're way too gorgeous for just lighting the path to the loo..


My current daydream, just call it obsession, is beams. Old, thick beams with old-fashioned peg joints. But scraped back, unvarnished and set to contrast in a modern interior. My obsession with timber continues as I'm in love with this bench by Pelle. A beautiful balancing act between slender brass legs and solid blocks of ash. This would be the perfect spot to sit back and admire the beams..

Copper lighting

I spotted this apartment by Josephine Hurley Architecture over at Est and quickly filed it away in my inspiration folder. I pretty much love all the spaces, especially as I've been looking homes for that combine rustic brick into a modern space without making me feel like I have to go the country route. But it's the lighting that made this home pop. Who knew, all you needed was lengths and lengths of copper pipe?

Death by chocolate Death by chocolate Death by chocolate Death by chocolate Death by chocolate Death by chocolate

I had something completely different in mind for my birthday cake but since Mika's birthday is the same week I figured I'd make his favourite and that is hands down something chocolaty! 

This is chocolate cake with a few twists. There are cherries whipped into the batter for moistness as well as espresso. The glaze is cacao studded with more espresso. Everything gets topped with chunks of berried studded chocolate and rose petals. 

Because if you are going the chocolate route, go all the way, baby! Now to figure out how to chocolate the heck out of his birthday breakfast!

Statement vase

Slightly obsessed (what's new?) with scoping out beautiful pieces. Right now I have a major thing for large, transparent glass vases. I would love a big signature piece but with kids and clumsy moms afoot, I need options...that span the range between 'build a cage around that puppy' to 'easily replaceable'. And this little list is just that!

Seeming to defy equilibrium is the exquisite Ammo vase by Jean Marc Gady. The Echasse vase designed by Menu is on sale now and a good family-budget friendly version is the new Berakna vase from Ikea.


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