Christmas; the black and white list

Oh yeah, I can now kick it into high gear. The biggest, tallest tree I can find will be moving in the same afternoon as Sint Nick, so I can decorate like mad with my girl, who seems also infected by the bug called 'OTT at Christmas'.

My laundry room is stuffed to the gills with decorations, plant pots have been unceremoniously emptied for our own forest of mini pine trees, under the bed is host to kids gifts in differing states of wrapping and the postman is once again making daily trip to my door. Needless to say, we kind of went overboard..and for that reason the colour palette is minimal. Going perfectly with that minimal palette are these items on my wish list.

Downloadable print from Cocorrina captures exactly my Holiday feeling. The kids and us are plump, happy and a bit spoilt..if we can stay more nice than naughty. Hands down the best stockings on the scene are from Studio NL (check out the grid version as well). The everyday just got upsized and upscaled in my desk accessory crush. Oversized paperclip by Carl Auböck. The perfect way to end the day is a latte and this warm wintry candle from Eastwick..okay and maybe churros with salted caramel and telly..


Sunday is for..rum custard french toast with fig syrup rum custard french toast fig syrup rum custard french toast fig syrup rum custard french toast fig syrup rum custard french toast fig syrup rum custard french toast fig syrup rum custard french toast fig syrup

I was looking forward to this Sunday like I look forward to shopping! No early wake up call (except for the kids then), no place to be and no chores to get down. OK, back down on earth, I was still game. Sunday slows everything down and allows us one day to have lunch together. Lunch being french toast so rich my guy didn't even want to know what's was in them. Dripping in a sweet and sour reduction of figgy molasses poaching liquid from last week's tarte. I thought I'd made too much but I was fooling myself, just look at those satisfied mugs.

1 loaf of thick crusty bread
3 eggs
200 grams mascarpone
1/4 cup fine white sugar
2/3 cup whole milk
1/3 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla paste
pinch of salt
splash of dark rum

poaching liquid
2 tablespoons brown sugar

Reduce the liquid and sugar on medium heat until it coats the back of a spoon.

Whip the mascarpone smooth and add the remaining ingredients except the rum, until smooth and combined. Add as much or as little rum as desired. Or omit the rum entirely but I definitely think it ups the flavour and the smell is amazeballs when the bread hits the pan. The batter should be as rich and thick as a custard. No need to soak, the bread just needs a quick dip. Fry in an uncrowded pan. I use creamed butter, because heck who's counting calories anymore.. Serve with a dusting of powder sugar and syrup. Let the hungry masses..I mean kids, eat lunch!

Copper trowel troffel troffel troffel

I'm a sucker for candleholders, copper and beautiful, innovative products inspired by the everyday. The 'troffel' (Dutch for trowel) combines all of those. A single sheet of copper makes for a seamless, minimalist and architectural piece. From Belgium design brand Hausmerk. Founded in 2014 but already a perfectly curated collection of products that ooze understated quality (the wooden illustrations are perfection).

Lookbook; details lookbook details lookbook details lookbook details

Outfits posts are for me the most time-consuming, frustrating to make. Food doesn't blink, sneeze or have fat days. So I figured I'd at least show you the details..

The portfolio is from By Gitte and the bandaid ring is by Jennifer Fisher.

Molasses figs, mascarpone custard & rose almond tarte fig, mascarpone, rose tarte fig, mascarpone, rose tarte fig, mascarpone, rose tarte fig, mascarpone, rose tarte

The working title of this dessert was roasted pomegrantate molasses figs with mascarpone custard on a almond and sugared rose petal tarte.. What can I say, I like you knowing what's on your plate. This dessert was inspired, like all others..'look figs in the supermarket', 'hey I have loads of nuts and a jar or rose petals in the pantry'. Basically mashing things together that caught my magpie eye. And that seems to work just fine because this is the shizzle..

3/4 cups almond flour
3/4 cups patent flour
4 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons brown sugar
pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
2 teaspoons powder sugar
2 teaspoons sweet syrup*
rose petals

Preheat oven to 180 degrees (moderate heat) celsisus. Toss the dry petals with powder sugar and place loosly on a baking sheet. Pour over the syrup. Bake on low till crisp, about 5 minutes. Set aside to cool. Crush loosely with a mortar and pestle. Melt the butter and set aside. Combine sugar, salt and flours in a bowl. Make a well and pour in the butter and extract. Cut with a pastry knife until combined. Add the petals and continue incorporating the drier edges into the center until a moist dough forms. Press the dough over the bottom and up the sides of lightly greased nine-inch pie pan. Blind bake for 15 minutes. Set aside.

3 egg yolks
2 tablespoons sweet syrup 
2 tablespoons fine sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
2 tablespoons flour
pinch of salt
1/2 cup whole milk
1/2 heavy cream
250 grams mascarpone cheese

Beat yolks, sugar and syrup until smooth. Add in cornstarch, flour and salt. Heat the milk and cream until light boil. Remove, rest for a minute of two and slowly pour a small about of the milk into the yolks, while whisking, to temper. Whisk in the remaining milk. Return to the heat and whisk on medium heat till  thickened. Because of all the thickeners, this puppy cooks quick! Remove from heat. Let cool for a minute or two while whipping the mascarpone smooth in a food processor. Add the custard and whip till smooth.  Let cool. 

16 figs
pistachio oil
pomegranate molasses
brown sugar
pomegranate molasses
vanilla sugar

Rinse, dry and quarter figs. Toss with pistachio oil and place in baking tin. Sprinkle with molasses, brown sugar and top with small knobs of butter. Add a splash of Calvados or water. Roast until soft and fragrant. Crust and roast a handful of pistachio's in a dry pan. Grind the roasted nuts roughly with a sprinkle of vanilla sugar in a mortar and pestle. Set aside both figs and nuts to cool. Reserve the syrup (cook's treat..).

Once everything has cooled, assemble the pie. Spread the custard evenly over the crust. Place the figs in desired pattern over the custard and sprinkle the crushed pistachio's over the top. 

*For the sweet syrup I used leftover homemade vanilla buttermilk syrup but you can use honey, simple syrup or anything you have to hand.


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Grey and concrete. Seemingly hard and cold but in essence full of variation and depth. Varying tones of grey, from rough to smooth is the study in perfect grey matter..


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