New corners

Honestly, It's daunting finding place for our current things in a new space, much less combining it with the back breaking pieces we couldn't lift. Seriously, I', taking near hernia grunts and side eye everything I ask for something to be shifted. But anywho, the upside is when it works and I find new little corners to love...

Leather sandals

As I'm writing this post I'm longingly looking outside, waiting for a day without rain. A day to soak up the sun, ditch my heels or more appropriately for the weather of late..wellies, and chill while sipping on something cold and alcoholic (hey, a girl can dream). At least I know what I'll be wearing when the weather gods finally getting back to business..

These abstract bow leather sandals from Zara remind me of a pair from the H&M conscious line that I liked but didn't go for. I think leather is more versatile and a heck of lot easier to look after than silk. I think these would be great with jeans aswell as fun summer dresses. Now, I only need sunshine and I'm officially summer ready.

P.S. And this red version is a freakin close contender...

Pe Pe Pe Pe

Pe is for purist, minimal design. The suspended ceiling bar coatrack is nothing new. There are plenty of variations and options available. However the Pe coatrack by Florain Saul takes it that much further. The rounded edges, adjustable belts and integrated circuit lends it an understated look that would fit pretty much any interior.

Dark tones dark tones

Ah, the sound of silence. The trees, the flowers, the birds are what I see when I look out the windows now. Thoug, we're not nearly there with getting everything set-up and feeling like home, it's the quiet here that inspired some much needed blogging downtime.

Right now figuring out what to do with the space, plus actually getting it done, has given me a few nights of insomnia. What better medicine than to work on my dark and earthy home wishlist? EM table by Jean Prouve, Normann Copenhagen form barstoolgrow pot from Menu and muffin lamp by Brokis.


The boxed life...

We're moving! Super stoked about our new home. Plenty of space indoors and out. And if I'm honest the hot tub and master suite with walk-in closet and killer bathroom are pretty sweet. 
Now to get exciting about packing our current home into countless boxes. How come the first thing I pack, seems to be the first thing I end up needing? And the growing piles of boxes and messy rooms makes me seriously grumpy (I'm talking queen of Grumpville). So wish me luck in my fight against the moving boxes!

Photo by Bench Accounting

Shared creativity; the Unsplash book Unsplash book Unsplash book Unsplash book
Unsplash is my go-to, when not using my own photo’s. The photo's are beautiful and inspiring. So it’s no surprise I had to get the book. Seeing new possibilities in the everyday, expressing emotions, exploring spaces, this book is creativity bundled. 


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