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Christmas week means Christmas break, for adults and kids alike. For us that means a lot of bump on a logness, face stuffing and Christmas movie watching. Don’t forget playing with all the new gifts, including the flipping indoor gym (working on those saltos..) and hide-out. That post is coming soon. 
But to combat the laziness and keep the extra pounds or worse yet kilos to a minimum we did some outings as well. This one was to the Nick Bruna house in Utrecht, who is Nijntje’s/Miffy’s creator. Both my little guy and older girl had a blast and so did I. Of course I picked the day that it snowed..heavily for Dutch standards and so getting there took forever. I was so baked by the time we arrived that I couldn't even remember my bank code to buy the tickets. Luckily there are creditcards. And I remembered the code at the end when the kids picked out, surprisingly handy, things in the giftshop.
It's not a big museum and so probably not work the half a day's travel that we did but even that was fine because no matter how hip and urban you (think) you are as a mom, your bag is still loaded with barbies, dumptrucks, snacks and juiceboxes. Plus I have grade A troopers..who sing the entire way. Did I mention the raging migraine by day's end? But that aside, plus that my car is in worse shape for a tiny parking slip and the fact that Mika's nickname is carry-me boy, it was great. Zoe Isobel gravitated like a magnet to the colouring screen and Mika was conductor for the day as he fell in love with a giant wooden train. We spent most of our time in this room. 
There is also an indoor gym where kids can follow moves being projected and also a more interactive space including a seesaw where Mika promptly got injured (bit lip) but even that never slows my energy balls down. While the other kids went on to the crafting table, mine, my kids plead and beg for more spins in the spinning chairs and pushes on the seesaw. It popped up in my head the outing before and dawned on me today, most people have the common sense to go with multiple adults, especially if you are with multiple kids and especially kids like mine who are typically the most rambunctious of the lot. How did that happen, as a quiet introverted mom? Probably because I love it  and encourage it. But for parents with quieter kids there are also spaces that cater to those needs..needless to say my kids did a beeline around those.
And because I said for Christmas you can eat what you want (never say that to a four year old) we even went through the drive-thru at Mickie D’s, somewhere I never thought I would take my children. Nothing like chicken nuggets and Fristi to round off a nutrition packed week. Heck who cares, it's Christmas! Let the good times roll!

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