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Part two of making my space work as hard as I do. And look as good, she said with a laugh. This is part one; fun for the kids and whimsy for all. Part two is a place to sit..because young and old have ‘I’m too old or winded for this..’ moments. I was originally looking for sleek wall-mounted storage like the one in my old hallway.
But then I realised I sit on the doormat and pant ahem rest after I get home from a workout, which is the exact spot I just utilised for removal of muddy trainers. Not really kind to my clothes nor my butt (coconut bristles are not soft). Same said for the kids who I crowd and huddle onto the mat for shoes, jacket and scarf time. Why not make this more comfortable and less cramped?
 I added a bench from the Ikea PS 2014 collection which I was going to put outdoors but since I went a completely different direction for the table it just did not seem right anymore. I think it is more than sleek enough for indoors.
There is space to sit, cushion for softness and colour, a spot for mail and even a basket for the train track toys. That’s one way to go; colourful & fun and shows that kids not only play here but live here too. Then there is a more muted winter look with a woolly throw, less colour and more robust accessories...but that I'll show you later. In the meantime stay tuned to see where Christmas takes this space!

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