While I'm still procrastinating about clearing out my closet, meaning pushing it further back to Christmas break, I am slowly building a new wardrobe, one that fits. Not only with the look that feels like me but one that simply fits. And pants are hard to get a good fit on and where weight gain or lost is most apparent. But I tried these two while getting some extra winter gear for the kids and loved them first go. Both cropped because that little bit of ankle, especially in winter, gives a bit of sex amongst the sweaters. What can I say, there has to be a wee bit of bring it!

The first look is an evening look, nothing too flash or overt but fitted and striking. All black, textural, with one statement piece of jewellery. Red lippy, swept back messy bun and we're good to go..out. Pants, shoes, top and necklace.

The second look is a look I am appreciating more and more; relaxed. What I love about this one is that the pants are actually really dressy which makes the combo more interesting. I wear them with my Hello Kitty Vans and H&M Studio zipped polo sweater unzipped and love it. This is a more upscale version of that look. Pictured with a pair of grey (or winter black) Nike Rosherun trainers, a bolt cuff and a luscious relaxed fit fine knit in prune with zips that go from side of the waist, over the shoulders, to the neck.

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