Autumn pie; peaches, blueberries & booze

Yes, I remember saying that I was exiting food off the blog but heck we all have to eat, right? I bake alot, mostly for the kids meaning loads of cupcakes and cookies. This week I wanted something a bit more grown-up. Something warming because it is actually kind of cold out and I despise layers so I need that warmth shot when I get in.

I had a batch of rum soaked blueberries in the fridge, a can of peaches in the cupboard and a container of leftover bottle of muscat in the fridge. Combined together and I get a free form rustic peach and blueberry  pie. A super thick, almost cake-like crust, soft caramelised muscat peaches with a boozeberries pick me up. Drizzled with a creamy cinnamon glaze for extra autumnal warm, it’s like summer and autumn's lovechild. Joined by a big glass of fresh mint and lime tea because I love unexpected combo's. , it’s best eaten warm on the couch, under a soft blanket and wearing woolly socks. 

It's now almost too warm..but I have one peach dripping in caramel stashed away for an ice cream treat and the blueberry infused rum will make a great cocktail. Is it weekend yet?

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