I showed you my Christmas decor here and here. Here is the final Christmas decor post, scouts honour.
This is our table as pictured on Christmas eve, ready and set for Christmas breakfast. The runner is a piece of crafting paper from the kids supplies cupboard, which I near stamped to death with a mix of Christmas themed stamps in glittery silver and after cutting bows to the ends. The letters are clay cut-outs I made with my daughter (my son was totally not into making any recognisable shapes). The letters then got baked and spray-painted metallic silver. That with the existing flower piece I made earlier with some new lighter blooms, the kids funny 'Domoor' cups and my piggy 'Snout' one and we are good to go for a stylish yet fun Christmas mealtime, starting with breakfast.
Breakfast, hopefully brunch, being full-on and a mix of bricks from my childhood and my kids Dutch one. Poffertjes homemade out of my trusty cast-iron pan. Bacon baked in the oven with a brown sugar glaze, scrambled eggs, fresh-baked croissants and my love of the season; eggnog. Being the cook means an early start after days of prep but that is OK. Because both sayings apply ‘If the kids are happy, then mama is happy’ and ‘if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy’. This table makes all happy and stuffed.
And then, then it is time for presents! Including the big surprise! Elves move over, this is Santa’s super-helper busting a Christmas old/new-school move.

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