Christmas cracker

This is not really a fashion post. This is a post of crazy Christmas get-up for home. Things you can’t wear outside the warmth and protection (from prying eyes) of your own home.
I love, love, love Christmas. Can’t wait to decorate with the kids. Bake, cook, bake some more. And then enjoy doing utter nothingness. But what to wear on said truly lazy days? Lazy gear of the Christmas variety. Sweats, pj’s, slippers and socks. For young and old. For day and night.
Here’s to a lazy, fun, family, old-school and a bit of cheek..literally.

Kids: reindeer sweater and paw slippers from H&M holidays. Christmas list sweater from River IslandCrown, star shirt, bowtie shirt and stars joggers from Zara kids Sint NickAdult; all via Asos.

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