War of the wardrobes

Originally I figured I would get it done in one go..clearing up my wardrobe. It took three different days (one metre a day) spread out during the week between Christmas and New Year. Why? Because it is boring, depressing, time-consuming, tedious and worst the longer the sit the more stuff that gets kept that shouldn’t. One look and you know I had way too much stuff because they look pretty gosh-darn full after the edit. Yet I removed a whooping 60% at least! My criteria:
  • It has to fit because saggy is not a style. I took some pieces to the tailor in the fall only to have to do it again now but tailoring is taking something that fits and making it better not trying to make the entire piece a difffrent size. It’s about the shape, so even with a nipped in waist it is just overall flour sack.
  • Flour sack fashion brings me to rule two. It has to be flattering, humans are not mannequins so we cannot get away with pinning and clipping. And here also, shape, my shape is vital. If it does not look on my body, it does not belong in my wardrobe.
  • It has to get worn. So it fits and it’s flattering but do I wear it? There is no point in collecting clothes, it is about wearing them. If it is so specific that it still hanging unworn after several months..why? Not just floor-length ball gowns but anything that just does not make it out like way too much ahem clubbers gear.
  • My style. My style has become less eclectic. I love young fun but I feel too mature (in a good way) to walk around with hearts on my sweater. I adored flubby dresses but architectural is now my go-to. It tore it up with work appropriate gear but a button down with an A-line skirt makes me yawn today.
These were my edit rules. Good rules. That made it jack squat easier to do the edit. Lots of my more recent purchases, often unworn with tags, my favourites, my expensive bits. A lot of those did not make it through. Margiela, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, my favorite brand Acne and the rest, ouch. And even now, a week later, I realize more still has to go. One of the first things I kept was the pink woolen pants I wore on my 21st birthday when I hosted my first big dinner party in my first small shared apartment. The happy memories made it see its way past the rules till I spent the day pulling it up at the waist and trying not to trip over the length of it. Same said for a unique designer dress that just does not make the best of me. So the rules are a great starting point but are not the end station. And so each morning, I reevaluate with the rules and the editing continues.
On the upside I realize more than before, stop waiting, wear the clothes now. Get up, dress up, show up, now! And equally important a clearer understanding of my wardrobe. I do like color but in the end the whites, greys, lights and oh the black is king. My basic pieces that are now all gone; boyfriend jeans, fitted blazer, one black leather pencil and one simpler shorter-yet-not-mini skirt, a good plain tee in grey and one in white and stylish yet comfortable flats. I have plenty of tees, with prints, cut-outs and other detailing but nothing the way I like it best now, paired back; a pencil, heels, tee and rocking clutch. Those great detailed tees are my go-to for my now deceased boyfriend jeans with loafers. Throw on a blazer or on top of a dress with a blazer and you have my other favorite combo. That grey sequined dress with a black blazer and plain Stan Smith style sneakers in black makes it work for my life. So while I have plenty of tops and dresses, the building blocks are missing. Back to basics.

I’m scouring the winter sales as we speak sales for good, affordable pieces to but the foundations back under my wardrobe but here is the basics rule; quality matter because these bits takes the biggest hits in the wear count.
P.S. No rule about numbers, because I wear all ten scarfs and all eleven gloves, depending on the mood and look. I can't even start on bags and my true love shoes but when I get the first four rules down to an art, I might try my luck at the numbers..

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  1. Sorting out wardrobes has to be one of my least favourite tasks, and I have four children. However, recently I used the services of a local fitted wardrobe company and the task is now so much easier. They worked with me to create the perfect storage space. So even though I still hate sorting clothes, it is much easier.

    Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe


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