Flip, salto and roll

While I won’t shy away from the muddy paths on a run, I am not in anyway to be confused for an outdoorsy mum. No mom jeans and hiking boots here. Furthermore sand without pristine beaches is so against the grain that I am really not into hours spent at playgrounds. I always end up with sand between my teeth. But I believe in movement and exercise should be fun else you won’t do it, no matter your age. So my daughter’s room was always an interactive space with slide, which I recently made steeper, and swing. And now we've taken it a step or two further.

Sitting under her bed for months was a replacement tent from Ferm Living (total sale score) because hide and seek counts too. Christmas day while she played with her other gifts I rushed upstairs to hang the gymnast rings from the hooks I’d secretly put up earlier in the week. Out came the tent that I had ready in the laundry room, some extra decorations and the final Christmas gift containing the retro cool wooden jump rope from Nobodinoz (another sale score). Needless to say she loves her space, declaring it the ‘best room in the whole world’.

The gym mat from Ikea  was sadly sold out the week before Christmas so I got that a bit later. It helps because while my daughter turns her body into the saltos we practise while holding tight to the rings, her brother is so excited he lets go almost every single time..not that I’m not holding him but just in case and in the meantime the somersaults are going well. I didn't mean to but I was just holding onto the rings swinging and did a salto and now I'm hooked as well. I especially love doing the 'candlestick' while on the rings..

The only thing left to get is the balance beam, also from Ikea but that has been sold out for months..so maybe an antique climbing rack on the wall. What do you think? Let them flip, salto, roll and climb?

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