Friday favs

This is what I’m loving this week..

1. This peplum-sweater-floral combo from Markus Lupfer is so fly and alas for the hesitant sold-out. 2. Totally wicked is this Helmut Lang asymmetric skirt. 3. Love this open back and sheer hoodie with blouse like front.

1. I already have a mortar and pestle but OMG this glass and oak version would rock the heck out of my kitchen counter. 2. The knife pot has space for knives plus all the utensils cluttering up my drawers. 3. These copper-lidded storage jars would make even the contents of a bag of plain old rice look good.

1. How fun would these balloon lamps look in a kids room? 2. Been looking for a cheaper big girls bed for my princess and fairy crazy daughter. Found it in this Parisian pink version. 3. A great replacement for the fading space invaders wall stickers in Mika’s room is this comic print to go with his comic tees.


1. I am so into brass and copper tones, that I´m digging this minimal wall valet. 2. A true duh moment, how simple and effective can a custom curtain rod be? 3. Same lines as the valet I love the color but also the scale and basic form of these nail shaped hooks.

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