The jewelry edit

I mentioned both in my goals and birthday edit posts tackling = downsizing and rehousing, my jewelry collection. So I figured why not share what else I want that freshly rejuvenated jewelry collection to contain. I mean let’s be honest, my three year old knows it and I know it... Jewelry is the crowning glory of dress-up. When you’re three, it’s an actual crown. For me though, jewelry plays mostly an understated and supporting role. I pretty much stick to pieces as a finishing touch. What that touch is, depends on the outfit. Here are a few pieces that would lend the right touch, from the delicate to the fun to the edgy.

Rings & things I adore this cuff with attached ring from &Other Stories (you can see it on my Instagram) and just in today this Fashionology bubble ring which I plan on wearing asap. Both are such great sale scores. Long on the wish list is a set of delicate midi rings in rose gold, which is my new favorite tone.

Studs & danglers I rarely wear statements earrings but I do like changing it up from studs every now and
again. And why now throw a statement or two into the mix? An Ear cuff to peek out from behind my streak of Kool-Aid brightness or just one long dangler from Loren Stewart for rock goddess appeal. These simple yet stunning exclamation point earrings and organic studs are for the more minimal and day-to-day needs.
Whips & chains There is always something dangling from neck. Whether long, short, thick or thin, necklaces are where it’s at for me. Hardly a day to day piece, but I love the idea of body chain over a plain t-shirt. And when there are as pretty as this one, I say go for it. I like a bit of cheek, so I am so digging this neck rudeness. And to balance the rude we need a bit of sweet and this little arrow necklace I bought at Label in Eindhoven reminds be of V-day (I also have the pistol bracelet in cause I don't catch him with Cupid's bow and arrow).

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