For the love of coin

There is only a very small handful of stores that I actually visit as I am very much a cyber-chick. These are the exceptions to the rule ‘If it can’t be found online than it can’t be that good’. Such a store is You are here, and their facebook page which is more up to date. A great mix of funky, different than the everyday, clothing brands, shoes, accessories and interior products. Even the way the store is laid out and the presentation of the products is fun, cool and above all interesting.

But enough about the store, just go check it out. What I want to share is this cool perforated calfskin wallet from Kenzo I spotted there a couple of weeks ago. I waited to see if it was just an infatuation but it turned out to be true love. I ended up going back this week to seal the deal. Thank god for after holiday sales! But is she a beaut or is she a beaut. Simple, classic, young and fun without being sweet or standard. Standard meaning boring, which is to me what garlic is to a vampire (is it obvious, I'm a sci-fi chick as well). May me and this wallet spend many, many happy years together.

P.S. there are one of two things in the You are Here jewelry cabinet that keep catching my eye. You never know, my jewelry box might get a new bauble.

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