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Last year I posted about the launching of &Other Stories. Almost a year later and I got to thinking how do I feel about this brand?
It definitely has a different vibe to Hennes & Mauritz and to Cos, despite being under the same umbrella. It falls between the accessibility of the first and the minimal lines of the second. Kind of a tossup between the two, actually. The clothes are less somber than Cos and also less directly trendy than H&M. The accessories are more polished than H&M and also a larger collection than that of COS.

 What I like best? The… accessories, hands down. I like the clothes as well and just recently bought a few duds but the shoe, bag and especially accessory line are what always gain my interest and sway me to purchase. The shoes have a slight edge to them that I rarely see in high street shops.  I have two pairs that I love, all leather right down to the sole and beautifully made, albeit they run a bit small and I wear a half size! And the accessories, everything from the bags to the jewelry to even the hair elastics make me sing. The things I have bought fall almost entirely in this category. My latest purchases are all jewelry including the cool cuffed ring on Instagram and jewelry edit

What do you think of this brand? For me &Other Stories is my go-to when it comes to accessories. They ship really quickly but I still can’t wait for them to open up shop in Antwerp and then Amsterdam, because sometimes a girl just needs to try stuff on.

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