The birthday edit

I am big on celebrating. After Christmas come birthdays and mines is coming up in a couple of weeks, followed a few days later by my musical, speed demon named wonder; Mika Dylan Jagger Arts (can you guess that I adore him and his name). And since we’re so close together in date and  personality, I figured it would be cute to do a joint inspiration post.

The cake
Starting with the cake because no birthday is complete without one. This year it will be homemade. A big switch to the specialty cakes I got for my daughter’s first and second birthday. I want to make a towering vanilla layer cake, decorated with more vanilla in the shape of macaroons.  These are my fav cookie and Mika first and last word of the day is 'coo-ka' which is his word for cookie. To be topped with long skinny candles.

The gifts
Hey I love gift selecting, buying, wrapping, giving and receiving. My Mika makes his namesake proud as he is wild for cars. These are what he reaches for in the toy bin nine out of ten times. I want to get him one with a remote, that he can hopefully control himself. I can hear his super infectious giggles already. Besides that I really want to make a Mika photo album. Picture after picture of my little guy from wrinkly little newborn to the kids cool version of Lenny Kravitz that he now is. Seriously, I got several such comments based on his super cool head of hair. 

And for me, it’s taking a bit of time off to recharge as I will hopefully be spending a day or two away in February getting pampered and relaxing. & I spotted the most fabulous housing unit for my jewelry collection in august at Puha; the idle wood collection from Jenna Postma. I decided this is the gift to mark fully and truly arriving in my thirties.  Great way to get all my stuff in one spot and showcase them. Plus it is such a beautiful piece. I just might divert the nest egg I was building for a piece of art to this piece of art.

The clothes
Clothing, because you dress up when celebrating. For Mika, a tuxedo style jacket I have been saving in a size two since he was a size one. Probably in combo with his lightning bolt harem style pants and a new pair of sneakers. His current pair are bit on the tight side. I’m thinking high-top basketball sneakers, but a bit funkier (like this pair from baby Zara). And for me I’m thinking a dress, one that I already own but have not yet worn as I can’t go breaking my resolutions so soon. Of course with heels, also a pair that have been sitting and waiting and I know exactly which one.

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