I love Mika’s room as it quite small meaning pretty  much everything is custom to make use of the available space. One thing that came later and never made it into the overall scheme are the baby books as Mika only started appreciating reading a short while ago. The books got plopped down in no particular fashion. To neaten this up and be able to easily find and select the desired book, I wanted a pair of book holds. But what would be appropriate for a little boys room? 

Something with a good dose of fun. I first envisaged transforming a couple of dinosaur toys I bought specifically for the job but the kids love playing with them too much. Then I thought toys cars but those are pricey. So I ended up rethinking the idea of what kids toys I could repurpose as a book hold. I decided to go for blocks. A discounted container from the local toy store, a bit of glue and we’re done.

And since we’re busy with blocks I changed out the decor on his windowsill. Just a little reminder of whose space it is. Hopefully he won’t start practicing his pitching with these..

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