Friday favs

All the lovelies that caught my attention in week 6.

  1. Because you, or me then, can’t have enough heels. A pair that feel like Saturday night fever meets Oxford.
  2. Since the demise of the play tent, I have been on the lookout for a new kids hide-out? I think I found the inspiration I was looking for. Cushions, a lamp, a thin shelf for books. It’s starting to come together.
  3. The mirror house is the  I've seen that truly disappears into the background, whatever that happens to be. 
  4. I love design, I love James Bond, so of course I love this piggy bank titled Miss Monnipenni. May cost a few pennies, but the cutest way to start saving after that.
  5. I do love my retro kitchen scale, would not trade for anything less than digital, or so I thought till I saw this even more old-school balancing version.
  6. Wood, minimal design, colorful fabric cord, sign me up for the Tipi lamp from Designstudio Vandaag.

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