Work hard, play harder

Busy as a bee, that’s me. Forever changing, updating and trying new things. So how happy am I to have a semi-valid reason to change things up. That reason being kids! Growing up means changing needs, which to me means an adapting and changing home. Here are a few pic’s of the kid friendlier living space. Technically always kid friendly, but the now easily-accessible toys with quick adult clean-up properties (just throw ‘em in a basket) and moving the playhouse out of the line of sight and into a bonafide kids area does wonders for kids and adults alike.

I posted earlier about plans for this space including dream items. One of the things that bit the dust was the Momoll Lili play kitchen. While I still adore it, it was just too much in comparison to the Ikea Duktig which has actual working lights under the cook plate and from which my daughter has to be pried free every time we visit the store. It is an absolute hit with both kids. And how stinking cute is the suitcase cushion from Woouf. Hopefully the magnetic drawing board and desk will get used more when they are wee bit older. I plan to move the desk out into the middle when Mika is old enough to have his very own kids design chair. A mini Panton, anyone? Yea, another potential re-jig!

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