Art against the wall art against the wall

When I got an email from VT Wonen saying I’d won a years worth of art rental I was over the moon. Very much a Dutch institution art rental. I did my first art rental way back in 2004. An oxblood red painting to go with my then interior love of red (yikes!). I switched it up every couple of months because renting allows you do try different things and change according to mood, season, space or plain ole whim. 
The next go after moving home, was a piece from Christiaan Lieverse that I ended up purchasing because a good portion of the rental amount is for building a buy-it reserve. That piece still hangs center stage in my living space.
Anyhoo, I immediately went online and fell for three different pieces. Here are the first two. A contrast to all the spring sunshine streaming through the windows but I fell in love with the darker autumnal colours. An ode to fall in the spring but the moody feel  fits well with my bedroom space. ‘Fallen Leaves’ by Matthijs Reppel and ‘Autumn in the Garden’ by Ebelina Brethouwer. Grouped with some favourite accessories that match the bill with their velvety burgundy, dark, gold and copper tones. art against the wall art against the wall art against the wall

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