Cinnamon butterflies

Well I quite like baking and do so basically every weekend. Mostly quick things to satisfy a needy sweet tooth or two. One thing I love but make less often is cinnamon buns. Mostly because of the time they take. But they are oh so lovely and hold special memories for me as I made them the night before my daughter was born and again just before my son arrived.
I decided to make them last weekend and they were as good as remembered. I forgot cream cheese and so had to wait a day for the full effect. An exercise in restraint. Could you believe, Daan was the one insisting on making the frosting. He who hates cheese. Come on, who can resist the lure of the cinnamon bun with vanilla frosting? Cheese hater or not.

My daughter looked at them and called them butterflies. Here is a link to the recipe so you can make your own cinnamon fluttery butterflies. Enjoy. We sure as heck did.

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