Chanel art bag

I am not, I state am not a fashion blogger. I don't follow fashion week nor do I devour fashion magazine after fashion magazine. My own sense of style is purely instinctive. I wear what I feel good in and that suits me. So trends don't necessarily evade me but they also are not my inspiration.

But then I saw the Chanel art bags...

Don't get me wrong I don't see this look entering my closet, especially as backpacks still remind of school and I have no need to be reminded of my more nerdy days. Plus sadly I don't have a Chanel sized fashion budget. But I do have to admit that the shoppers, chain shouder bag and giant classic black-and-white portfolio might sway me.

Overall I love the nonchalant feel of graffiti art meets high fashion brand on what is usually such an elegant item. Art meets bags. And I love it!

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