The plywood and concrete update

You can often see my media cupboard in pictures. What you didn’t see (I hope) is the wonky. The three individual cupboards varied slightly in height. Time to fix that and while we’re at it, let’s get it finished. Since the cupboards are repurposed there were a few holes in the tops, which is why I always planned on adding a top. As well as moving the media off and into the cupboard and do some permanent cable fixing.
I’d call this a DIY but really I just said "to the left, to the right, a wee bit higher".. A sheet of birch plywood, varnished in matte lacquer, nows sits as a top. I love the effect so much, I ending up using the material as a backboard as well.The white concrete knobs from Inoowdesign are the finishing touch to my updated media consule.
I didn’t want to add to much to my fresh new cupboard so I swapped out the darker posters and ceramics for green, glass and white. The inside collection print  is from Kristina Dam Studio and the invisible love print is from Fine Home.

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