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So I recently got going and started cleaning out my closet. Having put off this daunting task for quite some time, I finally got it done! .... At least for the majority of stuff, as the winter clothing still needs a bit more sorting.

Spread out over several evenings, I was able to tackle the closets in the master bedroom, my dressing table and extra shoe storage in Zoe Isobel's room. For the first time ever I have attempted the sorting of winter and summer clothes (was only able to part with the heaviest of materials, but it's a start).

Some stuff to be donated, some stuff to be sold, some stuff to be dumped, left me with a bit more breathing room. Alas, it is not as tidy anymore with the latest additions awaiting a slot...

Above from left to right; dresses skirts, pants, vests and sweaters. First drawer undies, tights and leggings. Second drawer fav. bags. Third pj's and loungewear. Bottom ballerina's and slippers.

The second closet from left to right; non-winter jackets, tops, shirts and blouses. Followed by about half of my shoes. Some of my favs are the top left grey boots which I purchased in Hong Kond and the cow print heels I purchased in Wisconsin.

Below my dressing table with a rocking mirror of equal proportion (not pictured) above it. First off is hygiene and hair care products, then make-up, followed by hair accessories (except hair bands, which reside in the bag drawer) and lastly extra jewelery/bracelets. All four storage containers on the shelf, as well as the little leather jewelry box (a memory from Florence) are for jewelry. I kind of have a tic for bracelets...and shoes. Followed in lesser degree by bags and clothes..

A little orchid now resides on the top as well, which seemed a touch bland. On the back of the necklace are the names of my kids, a special birthday gift from my hubby.

Method(s) to my madness; 1. all hangers are wooden and face the same direction. 2. Each article has a specific spot. 3. Full lenght mirror on either side of the cupboard. 4. A stylish hook to lay out the next day's outfit. 5. Laying out the next day's outfit (down to jewelry and hair accessories). Allowing me to make it out the door 15 minutes. That is rhyme & reason for keeping it neat. I dream of a larger space, where all my stuff and come together and have a humdinger of a party. In the meantime, help me keep the hope alive.What's your closet like?

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