Trends (that make you go yikes)

A trend can simply be defined as a development or movement. I try not to be a blind follower of what is current, however it is hard not to be influenced by the things around you. So my love of (almost) all things studded has grown. I adore fluor. I have come also to like yellow and orange, whereas a few years ago I quite despised bright colors. However some trends seems so repulsive, that they offend my personal sense of style. Here are a few that made me go humh..

The fanny pack also known as a bumbag; even studs can't make me love this!
 When even the model is scratching her head, then it is time to let it go

Aztec printing; the nineties anyone?
Looking down to be cool, or hanging head in shame..

Ikat; makes me go egads, it's paint by numbers for toddlers
Wrong, wrong, wrong. The fit, the colors, the detailling. Blech

Tie-dye; school arts & crafts projects
Do not translate into clothes one should wear, .. when no longer in school

Grr, enough ranting. There are more that I find icky, tacky and unflattering like the unitard, but enough for now. To sum it up, I do not like anything that looks like 1992 (it is just to soon) or is a traditional print. But never say never, again.

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