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After much deliberation and toing and froing, I have a better idea of how I would like the play area (indoors) to look. Well at least, which products I would like to furnish the space with. Exactly where everything should go may change a bit, but this is the basic idea.

The chair and pouf featured in earlier posts, as well as the storage box are already part of the space. The miffy lamp, cloud-shaped carpet and deskhouse are not. For the lamp and desk I have found good deals. I am pondering buying a simple (cheap) carpet and cutting a cloud shape in myself. And possibly dyeing it in the washing machine. My only doubt is if it will begin to unravel? Maybe just go for the finished article? But then again, I love a project.

I want to place the desk free-standing, with the carpet close-by but not directly underneath it. One side is dedicated to drawing, hence the coloring pencils in the chimney, with the chair for seating. The other side will have the fav books displayed on the ledge and the pouf for sitting. The storage box I want to extend with a second one along the wall to the right  of the desk, where the little used playpen now stands. The lamp is 80 cm high, so will stand solitaire in the corner or on the edge of one of the storage boxes.

The lego storage boxes will sit on the larger white storage boxes and can be added-on to if we get more lego. I have my eye on some Hello Kitty ones for Zoe Isobel's birthday. The sticker can be adjusted to your own specs, so I think it would look lovely on the broad wall directly behind the desk. It also comes with hooks, so can be used to hang stuff up, maybe some protective crafting aprons?

The drawing board I am a bit hesitant about, but I have a savings coupon for this fun & already well-priced Ikea classic. I was thinking of painting in in fluo pink or yellow for some pop.. of color.

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