Wedge out

If you know me, you know I love, love, love me some shoes..
If you love shoes, holla!!

After not having bought shoes, in gasp.. a year or more and wearing holes into my favorite ballerina flats, I bought my beloved studded biker boots which featured in a previous post. Soon after that followed a pair of replacement ballerinas (indispensable as cute and comfortable), followed later by two wedges. One open-toe suede pair and the following Ash Uranus fur-lined ones.

As you might have guessed, I have a thing for wedges. I love how they look. Plus they are a bit easier to walk on than thinner heels.

A clear-out was needed to gain some more space. Alas, due to the height of most of my (new) shoes, I still can't get them all into the cupboards. So, this will have to be it for now... But that does not I have to stop looking. In honor here my new two shoe love brands (next to Ash) & their wedges.

Acne, model Hybria

                                                                    Dolce Vita DV8, model Julia

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