Summer wishlist

While I technically have all the fashion items I need... and then some, I always find new inspiration. For now these are my top three new wishes.

High-heeled sneakers by Isabel Marant, especially the Willow with their puffy balloon. These are sold-out and way too expensive, so a nice pair of lookalikes or inspired by version (Ash, Topshop, River Island and the list goes on and on) will have to do.

Studded cut off jean shorts. I have blogged before of my love of studs, but the combination with the jeans just about does my head in. The trouble is finding a pair that don't are not hoochie mama stepping...butt crack hanging out short. The one on the left is from Topshop and the lighter pair are from StudMuffin Apparel via Etsy.

I quite dislike logo's on stuff. I just find it a bit tacky and pretentious. Same for gold accents, but with the recent additon of an Alexander Wang inspired Rocco bag from Baginc I am becoming more lenient. However some pieces are just so iconic and classic, which is I why I have a bit of a bag crush on Chanel.When I found Matchesk (Etsy), with a choice of gold or silver hardware I morphed into a super happy chick. I love almost all the bags, but alas these are still quite pricey.

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