Blush blooms Blush blooms Blush blooms Blush blooms Blush blooms Blush blooms

I didn't intend on making quite so many Valentines posts but I couldn't resist some pics of the flowers. I love flowers, so of course those make an appearance at every celebration. My guy came home with a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies. Plus tulips as he knows me well enough to know that I love having flowers everywhere.

I decided to keep it simple. The  kids got their own personal mini bouquet. Super simple, just a small glass vase, velvet ribbon, apple leaves and a pink lollipop. Even simpler is the one sitting on the bench at the end of our bed because the soft blush on the tulips needs little. Just cascading tulips, surrounded by apple leaves in low ceramic vase. And keeping with the simple, just adding some candlelight and little pink porcelain can make even cacti romantic...

P.S. I felt a bit tulip stumped because it's my favourite winter bloom and in those instances I like cruising for inspiration and that helped me decide to go for simple over wild..

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