Clean living..bleh living

Okay, clean living is not bleh but coffee without sugar equates to eternal sadness in my book. No really, I look forward to that sucker more than sleep and I love sleep, naps, nodding off and any other form of closed-eyed rest.

Anywho, I set no resolutions and made no goals but somehow I ended up doing a January kick start. My exercise routine by no means is minimal but this month I wanted more. Only Sunday was a miss due to other activities but for the rest of the month I did six days of exercise a week and switched it up with new and forgotten things that I really enjoy like busting my abs in core training or simply screaming my lungs out to my beats on the hometrainer.

For the first time I did a no-shopping month and actually felt no regret. Cleared out all the accessories and everything else in this home we don't need. To view things as such makes me feel freer. I cook more, even on the days the kids are away, and try to keep them lighter and more veggie loaded, despite the pursed lips I spy at the dinner table.

And I even did a three day sugar break, which I dreaded like a prisoner being sent to the gallows. And in the end it was pretty easy despite having to give up the caffeine as well. Not having my liquid breakfast or lunch made me crave actual meals and carrots have never before tasted like a fresh batch of cookies.

Do I feel reset? Craving a chia seed smoothie? No and double no. I just feel like me. And that's really all I need. That and a morning cup of coffee...with (less) sugar. 

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