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Nineteen weeks and counting. Almost half way! After my first two I thought what poppycock when people said "oh, you'll forget everything from a pink cloud". Guess what? I did. How did I forget the nausea, fatigue, pimpled-riddled skin, indigestion and the bloody joint pain?

If I get one more "gosh, you're big" or ''showing early, ehh", I might unleash the full wrath of the emotional train-wreck that I morphed into. Nope, no kidding, it's puppies and sunshine or I'm frazzled mess. I just want a steak for the love of god and a nap somewhere besides a cushion prop mountain on the sofa. Clothes that don't cost a fortune or look like a muumuu. The insult to the injury was my guy's response to my new only slightly more comfortable choice in undergarments.. "are they comfortable?", followed by "are they supportive?".

Waiting for the the it's totally worth it speech? Sorry, going to have to wait it out because despite being worth it, I'm not liking it. Yes pregnancy, I see you and I dislike you. End of story.

P.S. this blog has been brought to you by a preggo in need of a rant. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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