Power pose

Artistry meets practicality. Every piece from Momoko Higashifushimi is equally beautiful in its simplicity but it is the large scale power mirror that makes me skip a beat. I am that neurotic chick that hurries to class to get exactly that spot in the mirror where I'm not stuck in the seam of two fused pieces and can see myself from crown to tip but most importantly while seeing no one else. I need to focus on ..sorry not sorry.. just my own movements and poses.

So how I long to have a space and ditto equipment at home to focus on just finding some quiet in my time alone. This mirror is the perfect size for just that. Coming with a built-in holder, if that is your jazz. For me, though, it's just the mirror and my mat. And the best part, when I'm all done and perfectly zen this piece still looks pretty darned good. Dare I say it is one stunning mirror.

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