Far East

Well I could not go to Singapore and not talk about the goodies scored, could I? A treasure haven, a shopper's paradise; longer shopping hours, open every day of the week and tons and of stores, shops and malls. It seems you can not go to two steps without encountering a beckoning window. Ah, ...I look forward to the shopping (and food) each time we visit and am never disappointed.

As much as I love shopping online and have periodically tried and failed to find Singaporean labels available via the internet, much less with delivery to the Netherlands, I really enjoy doing shopping old-school style. The uniqueness and unavailability just seems to add to the charm. For that reason as much as I love chain stores like Charles & Keith (international shipping) and M)phosis, I get most excited about all the little individual shops like the ones in Far East Plaza or the little boutiques on Haji Lane.

Sometimes so obscure are these shops that they can not be found even a few hours later, much less on my next trip out. So it happened that I could not find the store, in the maze that is Far East Plaza, where I purchased the headband (and a super tulle top that just would not photograph well) shown above. With no name on the receipt or on the bag and varying opening hours, I just could not find it when I went back later that day. A bit of a bummer as I fell deeply for a gigantic statement necklace I decided I absolutely needed in my arsenal. Oh well, better for the bank account.

This post has few photo's of some my scores. From clothes to shoes but mostly accessories on this trip. I really like Lacquär (above bracelets, ring and a huge leopard shawl). They have a facebook page with an order form? Don't know how that works but might give it a try as their stuff rocks. Below a lovely pair of studded loafers. Much like the Studly shoe from Steven Madden, which I tried on but rejected. More affordable and wearable.

And check out these rocking shoes. They remind of delicate little birds nests, but in electric blue velvet. A bit hesitant to wear them in the wet Autumn setting that is November as they are so delicate they have no actual sole. But for now they look good clearing up the other shoes in my closet.


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