For the children

I have not blogged in awhile so posts like 'I'm a big girl now' and this one are a bit of a catch up. In October I got one of the usual advertising emails from H&M but for their 'All for Children' collection. I loved, clicked and purchased.

The collection is described as “full of playful and timeless pieces which parents as well as their kids will love''. I could not agree more. The fact that the collection is a unique collaboration between H&M and UNICEF of which 25% of the sales will go to projects benefiting some of the poorest children in the world is the cherry topping. I am big softee regarding children since having them myself and wish each a child a childhood of love, joy, opportunity and happiness.

My daughter has recently started using the super cute mouse mittens and for Christmas or Sinterklaas (undecided which) will receive the play tent shaped like a house. It folds up and can be carried around easily enough. Thank goodness, as a living room or any room strewn with kids toys gives me an outbreak of the hives. Hopefully Mika will be crawling by then as I plan to make the interior look like (a hidden) toy heaven.


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