Rain on my parade

I saw a picture of the most fabulous rain boots for kids in bright yellow, which turned out to be from Stella McCartney Kids. A bit of googling, okay alot of googling later and I still could not find them in stock in a size small enough for Zoe Isobel who is just graduating from baby sizing. I ended up getting them in lime green from Little Vida. They were even and are still on sale! Bummer on the across the pond shipping rates and double that on Customs tax, but I had to have them and they are worth it, even though they run a bit large. Hey, room for growth. Everything from the color, materials to the packaging is lovely. Zoe Isobel can not stop smiling and won't take them off, not even indoors. See below for proof..

Her eclectic Sunday morning quick dash to the the playground outfit, consisting of favorites; her beloved pink jacket, Hello Kitty backpack and umbrella, her pyjama bottoms and off course the boots. A Zobo original.


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