Deck the halls

If you know me, you know I love Christmas. Despite having a bit of a Grinch for a husband, each year sees me decorating our home and stuffing my own, my husband's and our kids faces (our son's first Christmas, yea!) with holiday food. Think eggnog, sugar cookies and turkey.

I adore the selecting, hauling (pine needles in the car for weeks, double yea) and decorating of the tree while listening to Christmas tunes much to my husband's dismay at the/my level of campiness. The buying, wrapping and unwrapping of gifts. The setting of the table, the late and long breakfast, jam crusted mouths and sticky fingers. I frigging Love the holidays. Hope you love them too. Enjoy!

1. An alternative to pine needles ending up in the darnedest of places from Studioboon. 2. A stylish, non-green plastic tree holder for if you must have the scent of pine at Christmas, via Fab. 3. A simple tree ornament with a twist, or in this case a twig from Reiko Kaneko. 4. Form meets function in the breakfast express, also from Reiko Kaneko. 5. The sound of sweet music from Designimdorf


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