Ponderings of a sofa

So the wall up, behind, above the sofa, or however you put it, has been a work in progress since moving in. Say 6 and a half years, give or take. I have several posters and canvases which after framing are meant for the space. My biggest gripe however is the appalling light. I like snuggling into the spot (the corner bit my hubby, daughter and I fight over on a daily basis) but it is the worst for reading. I have a adjustable lamp on the nearby windowsill which can be twisted to suit but still miss having light above and behind me.

But finding a wall lamp that does not impose on the limited space in my long thin living room has been quite the chore. Could my search finally be over with the Areaware Flat Life Light? 

And would not this modern version of a classic frame, also from Areaware, look great mixed in with the planned white-framed artwork gallery? Been lusting over it for years and still love it. Maybe with a little photo of the family on said sofa.


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