Far East, continued

So a week ago I wrote about the smaller, more unique shops in Singapore. This follow-up is about the larger brands. My go-to, must stop by every single outlet I pass even if only five minutes or five steps have passed since the last one..

Charles & Keith blue suede shoes (my latest addiction as this is pair 2 of 3)

M)phosis snakeskin clutch/make-up bag and waterfall waistcoat

I have actually already worn these pieces! For me a big deal as it usually takes me ages to get around to wearing my new stuff (hoarder much). The waistcoat folds and falls beautifully and looks great on a maxi or any other dress that needs to be taken a bit less seriously. The clutch is just wide enough to hold my iPhone, cardholder and a lip gloss and therefore perfect for my constant switching of bags as I inevitably misplace something and have to call search and rescue.


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