My Christmas wish list, part one

Home edition
So much fun is giving, I thought it only charitable to give others (you know who you are) the chance to gift me some lovelies. There I said it, give me gifts I dig (again, you know who you are). The list is pretty endless do to finding a new love everyday, but here a couple of good examples to work from.

The Balsabox Personal from Nomess would be perfect for doing my make-up. I have a make-up mirror and a larger mirror but due to the table where they're located I can not sit down to apply said make-up. This way everything is neat, orderly, beautiful and can be used when and where desired. More of the collection and brand is available at Designdelicatessen. 

The Arbour cake stand in XXL and in mini from Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac's would be perfect for the baked goodies I love making. Even the uncutest homemade treat gets bumped into the cute category when presented on these. Available at A+R store; the stands and many other great products from Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac's.

Rocking lamps from Mineheart. Keeping in theme these are super cute minimalism meets pretty. I have a Miffy lamp bringing a bit of whimsy to the living room. Cute for my daughter who likes giving her a kiss and cute for me to look at. Maybe the little one on the windowsill or next to the reading nook in Mika's room? Mineheart is known for their cool wallpaper, but I really like their lighting and the magic magnetic feathers are so old-school modern righteous. 


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