Margiela by H&M

No longer available via the store, but definitely still worth the mention. I am not normally a fan of high-end brands and definitely not of their collaborations with chain stores. However when I saw the ads for Maison Martin Margiela with H&M I started salivating at the beauties on display. A collection of select re-editioned pieces from various seasons.

I was online at 8.00 am eagerly awaiting the 09.00 o'clock launch! However I could not get on till a good 15 minutes after the fact and missed out on one of three items I was most interested in. Don't get me wrong I love almost all of the collection and in comparison to the original brand prices probably considered a steal, but my growing conscious demanding a bit of curbing. The one article I lusted over but did not get (sold out in five minutes) was a pair of ginormous light-colored jeans.

As you can see I got the candy wrapper clutch in silver. How stinking sweet is the bar code and weight engraving! The plexi-glassed heeled ankle boots are wicked. In the background my duvet cover from Snurk with digital print of a white shirt. (Their new Geogami duvet line is awesome). I guess that is part of the reason why I love the H&M Margiela collection so much; digital prints drive me wicked wild! I might keep on eye out for the silver sequin print dress and of course ...the jeans.


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