Kids Christmas wish lish

Having kids is a great excuse...reason to go Christmas shopping. I mean imagine their little faces if there were no presents under the tree, or gasp if there was no tree at all? I am sure my kids would survive, being as they're too young to get why mom is acting dopier than usual. But I just can't seem to help myself. Here are a few things I would not mind gifting my little ones; ages 2 and a half & 9 months.



1. A play kitchen has been on the list since.. like forever (okay, about six months) but try and find one that is not a case of screamingly bright primary color overload. How sweet and natural looking is this one from Momoll?
2. This frame would look so cute in Mika's or Zoe Isobel's room. Space for a picture and a treasured item. Love, love this face photo frame from M by Authentics.
3. Wooden toys, especially puzzles are my choice for first toys. I adore the puzzles from DwellStudio and think this the animal tower would be great fun.


Crayons, crayons and more crayons because drawing is now a standard activity in our home. The cutest little personalised map to hold them all is on it's way, but more about that another time. 1 Diamonds are a girl's best friend; crystal crayons from Kikkerland. 2. For the Lego-lovers amongst us; stack-a-doodle crayons, available at Perpetual Kid. 3. An oldie but goodie with finally a good reason to get them; crayons rings from Timothy Liles, available at GNR8.


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