My Christmas wish list, part two

The me, myself and I edition
A follow-up to my longed-for, for-the-home lovelies. This one consists of things just for me! Though some have argued that the interior list is also just for me, I beg to differ. Except maybe in the case of the make-up box where I am willing to concede defeat. Any who no doubts here, it's all about the least in my dreams where these items take the place of sugarplums.

1. Whimsical circus ring from Monocircus. 2 Revolver necklace from Muses & Rebels via Fab (sale ends in 1 day!). 3. Rose gold sequin clutch just perfect for parties from Gift Shop Brooklyn. 4. Resin rings and bangles which seem to be made from ice or autumn leaves, available at Daimblond. 5. Mac holiday glitz; pictured is the guilty passions 4 lavish rose lip gloss set but I equally love the fabulousness 5 smoky eyes kit.


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