Dark side of the moon..via Fab

I have long been addicted to Fab for scooping out the new and cute. So when I was tipped a couple of months back to the EU site where I could actually make purchases, I immediately did so. I eagerly await the new sales each morning at 11 (now via an app so as never to miss out) and check on those to come in the evenings.

There I saw the Spacebot & Spacewalker lamps from Belgium brand Dark. They make me smile, laugh and then smile some more. I totally see the robot sitting in Mika's room next to the reading nook. The astronaut would look great hanging upside down in the dark (ahem, get it) corner of the living room.

The sales continues for another 4 and a half days, so we have to wait and see if my resolve holds to purchase less or at least only that which I truly love.

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