My updated garden

Just in time for the rather late start of Dutch summer is our new/old garden. With the hanging of the birdhouses phase numero uno is pretty much complete. Here is a pic of the patio furniture before...

And below is the way everything looks now. Refinished the wood and painted the stained metal legs. You would never know the table is new and not part of the original set. The tiles and anthracite paneling are also a budget fix as last year we painted over the original 'campy' orange tile and rescued the almost rotten wood. The plants and pots from when we bought the house are also still here (last pic) as I have decided to paint those too or keep them as is. I seemed a shame to lose them when after such a thorough trimming they started growing back.

I feel the garden space is softer, homelier and less modern than before which I am pretty much loving. Only downside is that plants bring with them extra guests in the form of bugs. Flowers love, bugs blech, worth it yes!

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