Caterpillar effect

What better post for lucky number 100 than changes to the blog itself! The blog has been slowly changing. Bit by bit I am getting it to where I want it. There are now follow options for bloglovin & email and hopefully later more will follow with a BB&B facebook and maybe twitter. Kudos to c.w. frosting design.lab for the lovely icons.

You can see which blogs & sites I dig, who I am (in the current red streak incarnation) and follow my newly forged instagram account. Still a ways to go as I am undecided about a background that hopefully will not bore me in a month. Also I hope to add pages so you can easily finds posts regarding same topics like DIY or tours. I enjoy working on BB&B  so much I give myself not one but three gold stars. Here's hoping you like the new look and feel too!

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