Pretty pink party prep

My daughter’s third birthday will be here in less than half an hour. She has asked about it almost daily since her little brother’s birthday in February. High expectations on both sides. Besides wanting to update her room (a bit later down the line) and her first real bike (Hello Kitty of course), I want to give her a days worth of celebrations. Par her wishes with confetti, garlands, balloons and flags.

I also wanted to add some extra special mama-made elements. Que these sweet treat plates and tablecloth for mealtimes and one of the day's activities; make & decorate your own cupcake. If it has to rain, at least let it be pink. Down to the straws. I hand stamped each drop and make a quick pink update to the cutlery with washi tape.

I hope Zoe Isobel has as much fun on her day as I did preparing for it! Happy third!!!

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