Brandy butter & mascarpone waffles

A while back I bought a jar of brandy butter from Wilken & Sons from MinTwintig in Amsterdam. An interesting take on the concept of frozen meals.  But I don’t live in Amsterdam, so not viable for me, plus I enjoy cooking and have/find the time to do so, but definitely handy for city-slickers. 

But back to the brandy butter, that stuff is just so good. Turns a simple piece of toast into a breakfast fit for a queen. Sadly, the jar emptied pretty quickly and I am left bereft of this delicacy. So there was nothing left to do than to whip up a batch myself. Super simple with nothing more than a handful of ingredients needed; butter, sugar, vanilla and of course the brandy!

And since we were already in the kitchen, why not make some mascarpone waffles to slather with said brandy butter. A bit of leftover rum caramel sauce and you’re good to go. What better way to make it through the greyness of winter? The downside... winter only as the caloriecount is not bikini season OK.

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