Fashion favorites of 2013

Since 2013 saw a renewed interest in expressing my style through fashion, I could not resist making a small edit of the fashion items that topped that’s year list for me. I love dresses and skirts and think everything is more fabulous with a heel but in the end the items that get the most play are the basics.. albeit a bit more fun.

 The edition of a leather jacket edges up a full skirt beautifully and a pair of shredded jeans does the same for killer heels. Bad hair day, throw a beanie on it. Want to look cute but be able to walk more than just form elevator to desk, a funky boot with a low heel does the trick. Keep forgetting an item or two when shuffling around the contents of work bag, tech and purse? One large bag that holds tech, work gear and always contains a cute clutch that can be whipped out if going straight from the office to anywhere else. An effortless piece that is versatile? An asymmetrical top will take you there.

I have more than one leather jacket but this one from the H&M icons collection is my go-to. I love the collar that flaps differently depending on how far it is zipped. Plus quilted bits on the shoulders and plenty of zips gives it just enough edge.

I am insane for Acne which is hands down my favorite brand and eggplant is my favorite color, so what else for my favorite pair of shoes

I finally took the plunge and got a bag big enough to hold my work gear and anything else that might be needed. The combination of suede and smooth leather and the ability to carry as a clutch (handles in, hand in flap), makes me adore this purchase from &Other Stories

I stopped wearing jeans for years before finding this insanely destroyed-look black version in slim fit. A mere 15 bucks and hands down my best pair ever! 

When in doubt, I throw on this Le Muse top. It switches up so easily into different shapes, is loose and comfortable but still manages to make me feel oh so feminine. 

No bad hair day needed to make me wear this Cos angora beanie. I love the pastel softness and it makes me instantly more carefree.

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