Tour: M is for Mika

The most fun spaces to design and decorate are kids spaces. Kids are fun, silly and goofy and so their spaces are allowed to reflect that. A kids room without fun, that just doesn’t sit right. But a giant toy bin, that just won’t do. Fun elements, yes! Clutter, no!
For my mischievous two-year old who, though still bigger than his last once again got the smallest room, I wanted something that doesn’t overpower the space. For that reason I painted a box within the room, surrounding his bed on three sides, with chalkboard paint in grey-blue. It’s goes over the ceiling as well. I’m interesting in seeing as he gets older what will be drawn and where. But luckily it’s just chalk and wipes away, so no worries.
 I re-used an old and busted dresser from Ikea to store his clothes and as a changing table. Hands down my least favourite task was getting it to a usable stage but I’m really happy with the look and height the cute legs form Pretty Pegs gives me because hey I like my back. Then came quirk and colour. In the form of the his name in Washi tape on the door, the fun yellow light from Muuto, the Eames elephant, the fun print from Seventy Tree via ZiZo Living, the tank hook to hang his pirate’s hat and the bagsacs and yellow cushion from Gewoon which marks the spot where eventually a toy workbench will go. And last but by no means least… the Neon lighting from Seletti. My son adores this lamp and so do I.

Small but perfectly formed. I love this space, my son loves his space and I love my son. Perfect trinity. And I am super stoked that almost everything came from re-use, re-purposing or bargains as the lamps  were purchased second-hand or on sale and the only actual new item purchased full-price being the art print. 
Here’s to kids having fun in their space, parents being able to live with these spaces and all without breaking the bank!

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