The dollhouse

A little bit sad but still true, I am guilty of living a bit through my kids. Not in a weird way.. I hope. I just enjoy getting the chance to experience things I wanted to do as a child. Albeit it with adult sensibilities. I am waiting for the day when I can get my daughter an Easy-Bake oven. This is the singular toy dream of my childhood, baked into one (pun intended). 

But before then comes the dollhouse phase. But forget the handmade by granddad, hand-me down, or heirloom passed from generation to generation dollhouse. Oh no, I am talking about a modern, sleek, almost too amazing for kids dollhouse. Actually, strike that, it is too amazing for kids. Just give me the dollhouse and furniture and the kids can have the doll. Just give me this dollhouse! Pretty please, cherry on top, I promise to be good for the whole year, till my birthday, Christmas or whatever comes first. These are the kid type pleas the Boomini (click the link for more amazing photo's) dollhouse inspires in me. There is a multistory home in white, with interior and furnishings that are so minimal and cool I want to live in there and a more mid century configurable wood version and available in two sizes. I mean a free-standing bath, island kitchen and Louboutins in the dressing room. Shrink me or get me this dollhouse!

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