Tour: ZoBo’s pretty pad

I showed you my son’s room, so of course his big sister’s room was sure to follow. This is her old room, after the first growth update, followed my two more that transitioned it into big kid. However this is her first completely new space, plus in a new home and so the game was on to make it feel like hers! Oddly this bigger space was more difficult to figure out. Especially as I wanted this space to incorporate a play area where both kids feel comfortable, have room to run around and which grows with them while still feeling girly. So despite it being a generous space, the wish list was just as long. 

A smaller bed would have been lost in the space but this cabin bed fits the bill and is great fun. A bed in the shape of a log house with curtains, shelving (peep the little family of Russian dolls that represent her family) and a slide (bought here).. come on what could be more fun. I often sit snug as a bug in rug in there while watching the kids play. 

They play with the Ikea kids kitchen, the slide, the swing which I will be lowering so it’s at kiddy height and I might add some flowers to the ropes, the chalk and magnet board, also from Ikea but pimped with a bit of paint and some leftover wallpaper. Not exactly the idea but even the Miffy lamp is used for playing as she gets climbed on..alot. 
At night Zoe Isobel can easily spot the book she wants as well as choose her clothes for the following day. Hey, three-year olds have a strong opinion! I adore the Scandinavian simplicity of the clothing rail, beautiful and functional. My little girl loves pink, stickers and Hello Kitty, so these were used to add her personality to the space as well as the art which she picked herself. And for some girly cuteness I made the modern pink chandelier lamp with parts from three different stores. Alas I had intended to work the much beloved tent from the H&M All for Children collection back in to the space but it was not to be saved. So for now a chill spot with plenty of cushions for lounging and hanging out and later some sort of hide and seek spot. I'm thinking tipi..
 I love that the room has plenty of space for play as well as being a great space to go to sleep in. Every time we go upstairs there are the excited whispers ‘naar Zobo’s kamer’, followed by racing down the hall. I suspect it will not always remain with so much white wall peeking out but that’s ok because it Zoe Isobel’s room and her definition of pretty is just fine with me because it always pretty because she’s in it!

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