A colourful modern family home

I love looking at beautiful homes online. It’s like peeking through windows without the peeping tom factor. I especially adore minimal white homes. Those are absolute favourite. But that is not obtainable for me and my life. 

A. Two and three year olds come with sticky fingers, dirt-encrusted shoes and tons of colourful toys. 
B. Shopping and home accessories addicts like me requires acres of storage and showing space which I just don't have.
C. Spontaneous onset of panic attacks at the sight of dirt and grime, which trust me you see on white. 
And you now know why all white and super sharp is just not for me. 

So when I see a home that is fun, family oriented, modern, colourful, yet with minimal lines, I get super excited. This is just such a house. The home is designed by INC Architecture & Design, who do actually what the name states..architecture and design. This home is titled the Bohemian apartment but I think it just hits the right balance between a modern base and lots of fun, colour and quirk. And what is a family home without amazing kids spaces of which this place is in no short supply. Go check out their site for more great pics.

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